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Coca_Cola is bringing back controversial New Coke because of strange Things


oca-Cola is bringing back New Coke 34 years after the product completely flopped.

New Coke was a product launched by the drinks giant in the summer of 1985, which featured a brand new flavour and new packaging.

But the level of backlash was unprecedented – and the company were forced to pull the product from the shelves after just 79 days.

It seems that Coca-Cola have not learnt from their mistakes and they’re willing to give it another bash with a relaunch – in honour of the latest series of Stranger Things, which is set in that same summer of 1985.

So if you missed New Coke the first time round – maybe you were busy not being born yet – you’ll get he chance to give the new recipe a try.

But original Coke stans, don’t worry – it’s for a limited time only, and it won’t replace your beloved Coca-Cola.

To get your hands on the limited edition recipe, you’ve also got to buy at least two limited-edition Stranger Things Coca-Colas in eight-ounce glass bottles.

The drink will go on sale online on Thursday at Free cans will also be available in upside-down Stranger Things vending machines in certain cities, starting in New York City.

But for anyone who actually remembers the original New Coke, the news of this relaunch seems to have caused considerable concern.

‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…isn’t that how the saying goes?’ wrote one Twitter user.

Another said: ‘But, it was gross back then. Why would it be any good now?’

But others were more impressed by the savvy stunt: ‘Smart marketing, I think,’ said one consume

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