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All the best looks from the amfAR Cannes Gala

It’s the 2019 amfAR Cannes Gala at the infamous Hotel du Cap – AKA a fabulous excuse for famous women to wear their most dramatic looks for charity.

To date, this star-studded event has raised more than £220 million for amfAR’s work to fight AIDS and their live-saving research.

Here are ten of the best dresses from the most extravagant night of the International Cannes Film Festiva

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is flawless and extra in this frilled, layered red dress.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is instantly iconic in this pink tule creation.

Eva Longoria

Blowing kisses to the paps, Eva Longoria looked heavenly in this strapless white gown.

Jasmine Tookes

Model Jasmine Tookes looked like a ray of sunshine in this Georges Chakra dress.

Stella Maxwell

Stella Maxwell is giving us Frozen vibes in this dramatic dress.

Leomie Anderson

Leomie Anderson was a joy in this barely-there, rainbow number.

Caroline Daur

Caroline Daur is absolutely owning this slick hair and silver-grey dress.

H&M announced Collaboration with Italian designer Giambattista Valli

The high-street retailer H&M has announced that its next collaboration is with the Paris-based Italian designer Giambattista Valli. Project Love was revealed on Thursday evening at the Cannes film festival. Looks from the Giambattista Valli x H&M collection were worn by celebrities attending the event, including model Kendall Jenner in a flourescent-pink tulle dress, the influencer Chiara Ferragni in a pale pink dress with a train, and the musician H.E.R. in a white gown with appliqué detailing.

Selected pieces from the collection will be made available to purchase in 12 H&M stores around the world, including the Regent Street shop in London, and on from 25 May. The full collection will then be rolled out worldwide on 7 November.

“I am excited about this collaboration: H&M gives me the opportunity to bring my vision of style and my celebration of beauty to a wider audience,” Valli said in a statement.”

The frothy dress trend, which took over catwalks last February and has been described as making those who wear it “bob along like baby ducklings”, features heavily in this collaboration, thanks to the inclusion of the brand’s trademark ballgowns and use of tulle. A lace corset dress with tulle skirt comes priced at £400 – the most expensive piece in the initial release – while a peach-coloured tulle dress with a train will retail at £300. The collection also features an organza shirt, £70, and T-shirt, £40, as well as pair of leather loafers, £150. Lower-priced items include a £25 sparkly stone tiara and a pair of ribbed socks for £13.

Valli launched his eponymous brand in 2005 and makes his first foray into menswear, with several suits included within the H&M collection. This will be the first time that the designer has teamed up with the high-street retailer, although the chain has previously collaborated with a number of high-fashion brands, including Karl Lagerfeld, Moschino, Comme des Garçons, Kenzo and Alexander Wang.

How to wear:leather trousers

The only way to wear them is with a ton of swagger and insouciance – while hoping your thighs don’t squeak as you walk


their shiny, skin-tight sheen, leather trousers are an outrageous pant. Your M&S slacks and casual Friday cords must bow in deference to these cock-of-the-walk rock star pants. Risk-wise, wearing a black leather trou is roughly up there with skydiving and parkour. The only way to nullify the creeping sense of embarrassment is to wear them with a ton of swagger and insouciance – a sort of “This ol’ thing?” vibe – while hoping your thighs don’t squeak.

Coach and Givenchy brought them back to the catwalk recently, presciently foreseeing the yeehaw trend, AKA dressing like a drunken cowboy. But can the leather trouser’s reputation recover after that episode of Friends where Ross wore a pair on a date, and ended up overheated and stranded in the toilet, covered in talcum powder in a vain attempt to cool off? It’s tricky. There are two styles of leather trouser around at the moment. First, the very tightly fitted, loss-of-circulation skinny shape, which I don’t think works outside, say, Max’s Kansas City nightclub circa 1974. The second is chunky and more in the style of a biker fresh off an enormous chopper. To pull this off here, I’m channellingYeezus-era Kanye: going with a baggy, porridge-coloured top and large trainers. It’s essentially a perspective trick. With an item of clothing as physically and tonally dominant, you need something to take the sartorial weight off.

Still, looking down at my legs I see that these trousers look absolutely wild: as if someone has taken Suzi Quatro’s leather jacket from Happy Days, cut it into a rough trouser shape and flung them my way, pausing only to make the sign of the devil. Immediately, they feel overly warm and the words “talcum powder” repeat endlessly in my head. Is it the heat or an anxiety fever?

My conclusion? These are special-occasion trousers; you cannot treat them the way you would a pair of jeans or joggers. I’m unlikely to wear them to the pub, or even around the house. And yes, I would welcome a dusting of talcum powder.

Online Gambling Director From Nigeria Fired After a $1 Million Mistake

If you live in Nigeria or any other country and want to earn some extra money easily, then this may be the most exciting article you’ll ever read.

Trusted online casino operator Europa Casino has made a costly mistake after launching their online casino in Nigeria, causing the company to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars to players.

This glitch has already lost them close to $1 million in free deposits and cash prizes and the loss is going to continue to increase until later this year when their new customer agreement takes effect.

What Exactly Happened?

Ali Attah, an experienced casino player from Lagos, was one of the first players to discover the loophole:

Europa Casino’s new promotional campaign for new customers was supposed to give $10,000 in prizes of additional free credits to all new customers that deposited at least $10 to their account. Unfortunately for them, they had a wording error in the agreement so each new customer gets daily up to $10K (more than 3,500,000 NGN) in guaranteed prizes of free credits based on the amount of their first deposit.

As a result, people have been using the $10 deposit and hitting jackpots that are costingEuropa Casino heavily. What’s making matters even worse for the company is that there is no way for them to fix it due to the strict gambling laws which require casino companies to give notice at least 7 days in advance before changing their Terms and Conditions. So getting these bonuses for free is completely legal.

Thousands of Winners

One company’s mistake can be incredibly profitable for everyone else. One lucky woman, 26-year-old Fatimah Toure, registered with Europa Casino, claimed the free credit after making her first $10 deposit, then won one of the jackpots of $722,644.

“I used to dread waking up each morning and going to a job that I hate, all to just be able to cover my rent and bills, now I have so much freedom.”

New Director

Europa Casino’s director was fired immediately after the incident and the new manager has a lot of fixing to do. He responded to our inquiry via email, “This has been a very unfortunate and costly mistake for the company but we have to learn from it and move on. The Nigerian market is very important to us and we are here to stay even after this costly error.”

Here is how people in Nigeria are claiming their free money:

1. They sign up at Europa Casino

2. They make a small deposit of at least $10 and then use the free credits – completely legally – to win money without the risk of losing

What’s Robert Mueller afraid of

The news Tuesday that special couel Robert Mueller’s team isn’t sure whether he should testify in front of Congress about his nearly two-year long investigation into Russia interference in the 2016 election is a very big deal.

Here’s why: There’s no one in the country, other than Mueller (and maybe former White House counsel Don McGahn), who can shine a light on some of the trickiest questions involving Donald Trump raised by the probe — most notably whether or not Trump committed acts of obstruction of justice.

And why is Mueller — or at least his team — worried about his potential testimony in front of a House committee on Capitol Hill? Because, politics. Writes CNN’s team:
    “The special counsel’s team has expressed the notion that Mueller does not want to appear political after staying behind the scenes for two years and not speaking as he conducted his investigation into President Donald Trump.”
    HA HA HA. Dude, that whole “apolitical” ship sailed the second Mueller was named as special counsel by then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

    A Relaxing Space Can Support Sleep to Improve Anxiety and Depression

    Anyone who has ever experienced a rough night’s sleep knows just how precious every minute of shut-eye can be. Unfortunately, few of us realize that sleeping only an hour less each night can have profound negative consequences for our mental health. Sleep-deprivation, or a general lack of rest impacts the way we feel about ourselves. It also affects our emotional reactivity and our overall state of mind, all of which are crucial in determining our mental well-being and even physical health. Therefore, anyone dealing with regular symptoms of anxiety and depression, must be prioritizing rest.

    Make The Time

    In a world that can often feel non-stop, allocating adequate time to rest and unwind can present as a challenge. However, there are a few changes we can make daily to free up more time for rest and relaxation. Our environment is a great place to start, as it can set a positive tone for how we develop beneficial resting and sleeping habits.

    Essential Touches For A Peaceful Habitat

    It is essential to create an environment that encourages rest and enables sleep. Light, natural colors on the walls will support in creating a non-arousing environment. Diffusing essential oils such as lavender has been shown to support in fostering a tranquil setting. For sleeping, studies have found that individuals sleep best in a cool, dark room they feel most comfortable in. So, it’s worth investing in some blackout shades and an ideal mattress. According to, the type of mattress you choose plays a huge factor in sleep. It’s important to consider these when making your selection, such as your favorite sleep position or body type.

    Make It Your Own

    Each of us is an individual. As such, will experience emotions, be they positive or negative, in our own unique way. Just as we all have our own unique approaches for how we deal with challenging emotions or thoughts, we all have different ideas on what we find helps us relax in our personal space. Perhaps you require perfect peace and quiet, while others may enjoy listening to calming background music or sipping on a warm drink. Contemplate your preferences, and be sure to incorporate them when designing your space; the key here is to feel compelled and excited to enjoy your personalized, restful environment as much as possible.

    Ensuring that we get enough rest and sleep is a crucial step in supporting good mental health. By implementing simple changes to our environment, we can encourage positive sleeping habits. This allows you to make a valuable contribution towards achieving a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

    The Sleeper Issue of 2020: Running on Empty

    As the campaign heats up, there’s a lot oftalk about Russian interference and how to prevent 2020 from being a reprise of 2016. There were, of course, many factors that influenced that election. In a one-point game (or a 107,000 vote margin), every shot, or missed shot, is the deciding shot. So here’s another factor that played a part in 2016 and will likely come back in 2020: exhaustion.

    Remember, it was on the same day that Hillary Clinton refused to rest even after having been diagnosed with walking pneumonia that morning that she called “half” of Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables.” That was less than two months before the election and it dominated the news cycle for days afterwards. In her post-mortem bookWhat Happened, she called the gaffe a “political gift” to Trump, one that she regretted handing to him.

    Would she have served up such a petit cadeau had she not been running on empty? We’ll never know — but we do know what sleep deprivation and burnout do to us. Here’s the list of effects found in a study from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research: decreased global emotional intelligence, reduced empathy toward others and quality of interpersonal relationships, reduced impulse control and difficulty with delay of gratification, reduced positive thinking and action orientation, and a greater reliance on formal superstitions and magical thinking processes.

    It reads like a fairly concise summary of the current presidency that the now vast array of Democratic candidates are vying to end. And that’s no accident, since, in addition to all of his other limitations and regressive beliefs, Trump also believes he can function well on little sleep. “I have a great temperament for success,” he said during a 2015 campaign rally in Illinois. “You know, I’m not a big sleeper. I like three hours, four hours. I toss, I turn, I beep-de-beep, I want to find out what’s going on.”

    And what’s going on turns out to be a lot of magical thinking. Trump loves to crow about “fake news.” And maybe he actually believes it — as a study by researchers from the University of California, Irvine and Michigan State University found, sleep deprivation can also create fake memories.

    Another study from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, found that after 17 to 19 hours without sleep, which many if not most politicians would consider a normal workday, we start to experience levels of cognitive impairment equal to a blood alcohol level of .05 percent, just under the threshold for being legally drunk. One or two more hours without sleep, and we’re effectively drunk.

    Unfortunately, running while drunk by running on empty is the rule, not the exception, among presidential candidates and political leaders. In his book Eyewitness to Power, David Gergen, advisor to many presidents, including Bill Clinton, described how the new president-elect refused to take time to recharge in the weeks leading up to his Inauguration. “He seemed worn out, puffy, and hyper,” Gergen wrote. “His attention span was so brief that it was difficult to have a serious conversation of more than a few minutes.” This led Gergen to attempt to give some helpful advice. “I tried to say gently that the presidency is a marathon, not a hundred-yard dash, and I hoped he would have a chance for some downtime in the three weeks still remaining,” Gergen wrote. “I don’t think I registered… Those who saw him in his first weeks at the White House often found him out of sorts, easily distracted, and impatient.”

    The consequences? The first week of Clinton’s presidency was dominated by his flat-footed handling of the gays-in-the-military issue, which earned him criticism from all sides. As Gergen wrote, this style of working “planted seeds that almost destroyed Clinton’s presidency.” In fact, as Bill Clinton himself later acknowledged: “Every important mistake I’ve made in my life, I’ve made because I was too tired.”

    And the nonstop schedule of the campaign trail can be just as grueling as the White House. In April of 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama threw his campaign off track with his comment, at a fundraiser in California, about “bitter” people who “cling to guns or religion.” Was it the result of running — and speaking — on empty? We can’t know for sure, but it was his second event of the evening, and the day before was spent, as the New York Times put it, “hopscotching around Indiana, North Dakota and Montana.”

    Four years later, Mitt Romney took his campaign off the rails with his “47 percent” gaffe, claiming that’s the percentage who pay no income tax and who are “dependent upon government.” We don’t know Romney’s frame of mind at the time, but we do know it was his last of at least three events that day.

    In the next cycle, long before Trump had sewn up the nomination, Timothy Egan zeroed in on his sleep habits as the “unified theory” of Trump. “When I see his puffy eyes and face, I don’t see a man who will carefully weigh all the facts and consequences of an action that could affect everyone on the planet,” wroteEgan in the New York Times. “I see an impulsive, vainly insecure person who cannot shut his mind down for a night.” Had Egan known how prescient he was, he might have had trouble sleeping himself.

    So why do we still have political candidates trying to communicate how strong and disciplined they are by bragging about how little they sleep? What they’re saying, in essence, is: “I work in a way that ensures I make my decisions while effectively drunk — please put me in charge of the country.”

    Right now, we don’t know much about the recharging habits of our current crop of candidates. For Bernie Sanders, we know — a positive — that he doesn’t use the snooze button (not surprising: it’s hard to imagine Bernie waking up gradually). For Joe Biden, not much either, beyond the fact that he onceappeared to fall asleep during a speech by President Obama. In Biden’s defense, it was a speech about deficit reduction. Amy Klobuchar, according to an anonymous staffer, “doesn’t sleep,” and reportedly often sends emails between 1 and 4 a.m. Cory Booker, on the other hand, recently came out against our culture of macho sleep deprivation braggadocio and put it in the wider discussion of public health. “We have created this culture of non-sleep, where we literally brag about these things,” he said on the “Pod Free or Die” podcast. “We should be talking much more as a society about health and wellbeing… Good sleep, good family care, taking time to be with your family is not an indulgence, it’s necessary for that building block of communities.” As for the other candidates, I recommend that we all start asking these questions.

    We want — or should want — candidates who value and respect science. When they talk about climate change, we expect them to accept the “scientific consensus.” Well, the consensus on sleep is unequivocal. As Matthew Walker, neuroscientist and director of the Center for Human Science at the University of California, Berkeley, put it: “No aspect of our biology is left unscathed by sleep deprivation. It sinks down into every possible nook and cranny.” Or, in other words, you ignore sleep at your peril. And if you’re the president, at our peril, too.

    Our current president has certainly invigorated the debate over what fitness in office means. So in these early days of the campaign in which we’re getting to know our two dozen possible challengers, let’s use the occasion to widen the idea of fitness for office. Yes, past experience and the policies they put forward for the future are important. But so is how they take care of themselves, how committed they are to husbanding their decision-making resources, and how they plan to nurture their resilience to put those policies in action. Yes, we want to know what they’ll do in response to the 3 a.m. phone call, but we also want to know if they’re disciplined enough to have reserves to tap into before the phone rings.

    As we’ve seen in the last few years, transparency is important in elections. And we should add renewal and recovery habits to tax returns on the list of what we should always know about candidates before we step into the voting booth

    Ben & Jerry is giving away free ice cream to anyone who voted in European election

    It’s European election day tomorrow so make sure you get out and vote.

    If exercising your democratic rights isn’t enough of an incentive, you can also get a free ice cream.

    Ben & Jerry’s is offering a free scoop of ice cream for anyone who shows their polling card at their Soho Scoop Shop.

    You don’t actually need your polling card to vote but you will need it for the ice cream.

    It’s not quite a milkshake but it’s certainly a pretty nice treat just for putting some a few x’s in boxes.

    You can have the classic Cookie Dough or Caramel Chew Chew or try one of their newer editions.

    They now have a range of low-calorie, like Moo-phoria Chocolate Cookie Dough, and vegan options too.

    The Scoop Shop also stocks exclusive flavours like Cherry Garcia.

    Polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm on the day, but the good news is that the Soho shop is open until 11pm so you still have time for your free ice cream.

    Coca_Cola is bringing back controversial New Coke because of strange Things


    oca-Cola is bringing back New Coke 34 years after the product completely flopped.

    New Coke was a product launched by the drinks giant in the summer of 1985, which featured a brand new flavour and new packaging.

    But the level of backlash was unprecedented – and the company were forced to pull the product from the shelves after just 79 days.

    It seems that Coca-Cola have not learnt from their mistakes and they’re willing to give it another bash with a relaunch – in honour of the latest series of Stranger Things, which is set in that same summer of 1985.

    So if you missed New Coke the first time round – maybe you were busy not being born yet – you’ll get he chance to give the new recipe a try.

    But original Coke stans, don’t worry – it’s for a limited time only, and it won’t replace your beloved Coca-Cola.

    To get your hands on the limited edition recipe, you’ve also got to buy at least two limited-edition Stranger Things Coca-Colas in eight-ounce glass bottles.

    The drink will go on sale online on Thursday at Free cans will also be available in upside-down Stranger Things vending machines in certain cities, starting in New York City.

    But for anyone who actually remembers the original New Coke, the news of this relaunch seems to have caused considerable concern.

    ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…isn’t that how the saying goes?’ wrote one Twitter user.

    Another said: ‘But, it was gross back then. Why would it be any good now?’

    But others were more impressed by the savvy stunt: ‘Smart marketing, I think,’ said one consume

    Will Young if I where to do this concert How I’d probably wear skirt

    I wore this burberry shirt and Alexander McQueen suit for the concert for dinner memorial ,10 years after he death ,it was a big event and i wanted to make it as brilliant as possible, right down to my white shoes. People might think you should go for a big splash of colour to stand out when lots of acts are performing on one stage, but white is the best and simplest option.

    I would not often advocate wearing all white; if you’re going to a party or something then just forget it. It is also very unforgiving. I couldn’t eat anything once I had the suit on, and I had to walk around with tissue paper tucked into my collar to make sure I didn’t get makeup on it. I was performing a song called Switched On, as well as Leave Right Now, but [the concert organisers] tried to pull all the dancers at the last minute. I had the eight girls backstage, all in their outfits, so I was like, “No way – I’m not turning round and saying we’re not using them any more.” I said I just wouldn’t perform. That, twinned with the tissue paper stuffed in my collar, was quite a look.

    My hair, which I’d had darkened slightly, had a little quiff to it. My stylist had been bidding on eBay until the last minute for the ring I wore. The guy who she bought it from was in Germany and he messaged her the following week to ask if I had been wearing it for the concert. He was really pleased to see that it had found a good home.

    I would wear something quite different if I were to do this concert now – probably some sort of skirt or very wide culottes. Nowadays I love wearing Japanese designers. I also like Craig Green, JW Anderson and anything that slightly pushes the boundaries of gender norms. After that performance, I found a white Victorian crumpled skirt with lots of layers, which I love, and now I wear it all the time. I think men can look amazing in skirts – everyone says men look great in kilts but they are the same thing! Why is a man in a skirt “in drag” while a man in a kilt is considered very masculine? It’s only down to the fact that people have a problem with the labe

    COLOUR CODE Wearing black can help you ace a job interview while wearing silver will guarantee you

    WHEN it comes to nailing that job interview, most of us spend days agonising over what outfit will leave the hiring manager with the best impression.
    But while we’re all guilty of trying to track down the perfect blouse which screams “fun AND professional”, it now appears that wearing one particular colour could help you land the job of your dreams.

    A new study has found that 43 per cent of Brits were offered a job after wearing black to an interview
    A new study has found that 43 per cent of Brits were offered a job after wearing black to an interview
    New research commissioned by vaping company Blu has found that wearing black to a job interview could help improve your chances of being offered the role.

    Out of a study 2,000 Brits, 43 per cent revealed that they were offered a job after wearing black to the interview.

    Meanwhile, a further 41 per cent said they either gave their best presentation or attended the meeting of their career while dressed in the colour.

    Which is unsurprising considering how 24 per cent of people believe that “serious people” dress in head-to-toe black.

    The new study – which investigated whether a specific colour can influence the outcome of certain situations – also found that wearing a silver outfit makes for a more enjoyable night out.

    Investigating whether one colour can make or break your night on the town, researchers discovered that the majority of respondents (one in 10) had the most fun when wearing silver.

    In other words, that sparkly silver mini dress that’s gathering dust in your wardrobe shouldn’t just be reserved for NYE anymore.

    What’s more, stocking up on blue workout gear may just help you smash your next gym session as 15 per cent of participants said they worked harder when wearing the colour

    The study also confirmed that we’re not alone in feeling the urge to wear red on first dates (like 21 per cent of women) or suddenly wear every yellow item we own on holiday like 23 per cent of participants.

    Leading UK psychologist Dr Becky Spelman, who worked with Blu on the research, said: “The research has revealed some fascinating insight into the colours we should wear to make the very best of different situations and also how we are judged by the colours we choose to wear.

    “Associations with colour can also be intensely personal. We might associate a particular colour with a specific experience and the emotions associated with it—and we might not even have a conscious memory of how we formed the association, which may have happened in very early childhood.

    An awareness of the cultural and psychological factors at play when it comes to colour helps us to get to know ourselves better and also gives us a way to communicate. Through the clothing and accessories, we choose, we can use colour to communicate, without words, a range of messages and emotions.”

    Blu spokesperson Peter Blackman added: “Colour is a huge part of our day-to-day life and can subliminally provoke us to judge people based solely on the colours they’re wearing.

    “It’s been really interesting to see how not only how colour is associated with different emotions and judgements, but the personal experience of colour to affect a perspective for different personal and social events.

    “The launch of the new coloured mybludevices to the market comes at an exciting time, where consumers can now choose a coloured device that they feel reflects their own personality.”

    All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this trip, worth over £4,000, is to vote for your fave products. Whether you’re a sucker for skincare, a lover of lippy or a hair product hoarder, having your say will mean you can enter our prize draw to not only win this incredible holiday, but to also get your mitts on a host of other incredible prizes – worth a total of more than £13,500!

    See natural, pink chocolate is about to be available in the US for the first time

    The chocolate is the first new shade to hit the market since the 1930s. Barry Callebaut said the new chocolate is unlike any other.

    If milk, white, or dark chocolate wasn’t for you, there’s another coming to the United States — an all-natural pink.

    Two years after unveiling the discovery abroad, Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut will introduce US and Canadian consumers to its ruby chocolate, silky-smooth new chocolate derived from ruby cocoa beans.

    The new chocolate is the first new shade to hit the market since Nestle introduced white bars in the 1930s.

    Barry Callebaut said the new chocolate is unlike any other, which was discovered in 2017. It’s a new taste experience that features a sweet and sour taste, rather than just strictly being bitter, milky, or sweet.

    As for the pink appearance, it’s all natural and no added colors or flavorings were added to the unique sweet. Ruby cocoa beans can be found in Ecuador, Brazil and Ivory Coast.

    Barry Callebaut told the Washington post that the pink chocolate is available in more than 40 countries. The company is working with the Food and Drug Administration to be able to label to treat as “chocolate.”

    For now, it will be called ruby couverture.

    There have been variations of pink chocolate both in the US and around the world. Nestle infused ruby chocolate in its Ruby Kit Kat bars in Japan. Some US retailers like Target and Trader Joe’s have sold variations this year.

    Scores of police in Jerusalem backed up by officers on horseback trying to break up an ultra-Orthodox street protest Saturday got some help from an unexpected quarter — women who took their tops off, driving away the protesters, who are religiously forbidden from looking at them.

    Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox men and boys clashed with police Saturday afternoon, blocking traffic and attacking officers during a protest against Shabbat transgression by workers preparing the Eurovision Song Contest final in Tel Aviv on the Jewish day of rest.

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    As protesters blocked roads beside an ultra-Orthodox area in the center of the city, at least four women stripped down to their bras, forcing the protesters to leave the area due to the prohibition against looking at women in dress deemed immodest.

    Although the broadcast of the Eurovision finale started after the Sabbath, rehearsals and production preparations took place earlier in the day. The issuing of work permits for the event led an ultra-Orthodox political party to temporarily suspend coalition negotiations and sparked the Saturday protest in the capital.

    ltra-Orthodox Jews strictly respect religious law prohibiting work on Shabbat, the weekly day of rest, from sundown Friday until nightfall Saturday.

    Ahead of the Eurovision final, one of Israel’s chief rabbis called for those who keep Shabbat to extend their observance of the holy day by 20 minutes in response to the “great desecration.”

    Some ultra-Orthodox Jews object to photos of women,even when clothed, in public places or media on grounds of modesty. For decades there have been repeated incidents of posters featuringwomen defaced in the capital and other cities.